Day 2: December 15, 2014

Around 7am

Last night I thought about my priorities and I realized an adjustment was necessary. Here is what I decided. HF > Katrina > Hubby > Kids > Everything Else. So I woke up on time and conducted my spiritual study first thing. Now to take care of me – get warm and prepare a meal.


This morning I followed my priorities plan and it’s been absolutely amazing!!! After I walked my kids to school I connected with a friend and we went for a 6 km walk by the river. It was cold, very cold from the wind but having the sun out made it all worth it – and the beautifully decorated trees along the path adorn with ornaments. Very cool!!!

I went from that success to getting to work on my kitchen and preparing dinner all before 12:30pm. I have never done this as far as I can remember anyway. I feel so, so good inside. Like I am on the right path – yipee!!!

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