Day 4: December 17, 2014

Morning. I had a great sleep. I went to bed before 10pm so I am up now here at 6am. Yesterday was a busy day of delivering referral pads to doctor’s offices. My right shoulder and neck were in so much pain and I was able to have an awesome treatment from Dr. D to get straightened out. I did the W stretch and iced it a couple times afterward. So for today… it’s my youngest son’s 5th birthday. My goal is to make this day special for him. 2:50pm It has been a good day because I walked to the school twice and got the whole kitchen clean. My middle son also went on a playdate so this is fun for him and a rest for me. My schedule is full for tomorrow at work and this has really been on my mind because I need to better prepare for future work days. I have enough time in the morning to put everything on order but in future I will prepare a work day ahead to prevent/avoid this stress. I love my work and I love what the consistency and goal setting does for my life.

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