Day 6: December 19, 2014

I got all the Christmas Cards & Christmas Nativity Cookies out to the boys teachers & best friends. It’s fun to give. I started to get a sore throat again yesterday afternoon. I slept after work, ate a full red pepper and had chicken noodle soup. Working is definitely taking a lot of my energy. I am confident that my endurance will increase though over time and my organization with client files allowing things to flow better. As for exercise i have been walking to and from the elementary school and cleaning. I am preparing myself for January. My goals at work are: 8-10 client sessions/week. With the paperless charting system in place and weekly cold calling/warm market contacting. My goals at home are: Main floor organization daily with kitchen,  healthy meals and laundry maintenance. My goals for exercise are: Daily cardio training in my target heart rate zone and two exercise weight sessions/week for total body. I want to lose myself in the joy of exercising,  stretching and taking care of my physical body. I will continue to prioritize life as such: HF > Katrina > Hubby > Kids > Everything Else. Keeping in mind that basic needs and essential care is the key here – not selfishness. The big rocks go in first into my jar. This afternoon I will walk to pick up my boys. I will do my W stretch, ice my right shoulder and rest my body so any chance of a sore throat will vanish.

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