Day 9: December 22, 2014

11:55am We stayed the night at my parents place while they are away to prep for Winterfest Day Camp. Both my hubby & I have been feeling under the weather so it’s great to have the boys at camp all day today so we can rest. I began the day with a pepperment tea and a 1L of pure apple juice to flush my system. So far it seems to be working cuz I am less stuffed up and coughy. I have an opportunity to take on a new patient tomorrow at work and this is giving me even more motivation to get better fast. The back of my mind keeps wondering if I could possibly be pregnant. When I prayed I felt the answer was a no and I totally trust this feeling I’m just curious as to why it’s taking so long to show up. With my calculations off I may have made a big mistake thinking all was well with my timing when it wasn’t. Either way I am 39 years old and this would be my last chance here to have a last baby if I was going to. Parts of me think it would help me become more fit and healthy and other parts of me stress about he financial end of things – having to get a larger vehicle and reassess life as we know it. But a daughter – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a daughter someone Mercedez could connect with in later years. The possibilities are there. The bottom line is my priorities are in order now and so I can face anything that comes my way with HF love, guidance and support. 

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