Day 10: December 23, 2014

1:32am There are certain environments that stress me out more than others.  Being here at my parents home – that’s loaded in hidden junk food is a trigger for me. I cannot come here alone. I cannot come here for extended periods of time. It’s not good for me.

7:35pm I am so happy to be home. I’m still grumpy though. The good news is that I am not pregnant. More good news is that the boys other Uncle sent them money for Christmas. The stressed out news is that I really should use the money to pay bills for this is what we really need for Christmas – expenses paid.

The boys and I just watched Home Alone together. They think it is so funny. Now my hubby is putting them to bed while I figure out what I need to do now to get ready for Christmas. I wrapped up a bunch of presents today for the kids from extended family. We have a decent amount of food and a great dinner planned at my mom’s house tomorrow night. I really want to say – screw it – my gift this Christmas to myself is no stress – just relax and enjoy. This is what we’ll do then. Just relax.


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