Day 9: December 22, 2014

11:55am We stayed the night at my parents place while they are away to prep for Winterfest Day Camp. Both my hubby & I have been feeling under the weather so it’s great to have the boys at camp all day today so we can rest. I began the day with a pepperment tea and a 1L of pure apple juice to flush my system. So far it seems to be working cuz I am less stuffed up and coughy. I have an opportunity to take on a new patient tomorrow at work and this is giving me even more motivation to get better fast. The back of my mind keeps wondering if I could possibly be pregnant. When I prayed I felt the answer was a no and I totally trust this feeling I’m just curious as to why it’s taking so long to show up. With my calculations off I may have made a big mistake thinking all was well with my timing when it wasn’t. Either way I am 39 years old and this would be my last chance here to have a last baby if I was going to. Parts of me think it would help me become more fit and healthy and other parts of me stress about he financial end of things – having to get a larger vehicle and reassess life as we know it. But a daughter – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a daughter someone Mercedez could connect with in later years. The possibilities are there. The bottom line is my priorities are in order now and so I can face anything that comes my way with HF love, guidance and support. 


Day 8: December 21, 2014

10:39am I am currently unimpressed with my body. It is sick and sore. Around 3am I woke up feeling achy and coughing and I had a bath, ate a red pepper, a banana and some chicken noodle soup. Then I crashed downstairs until recently. 11:08am Epiphany: HF > Self Care > Family > Everything Else. This is my updated priorities list that I am sharing with my children so they have the correct balance in their life too.

Day 7: December 20, 2014

Started my day with four mandarin oranges and a raspberry, blueberry shake. Tons of fruit.

I got into the office early today and set up my space in a way that works better for training. I am very excited to train clients in the space now because it is so much bigger.

My workout consisted of 10 minutes on the bike. I tried to get into my target heart rate zone and my legs were the limiting factor – unless the pulse monitor was off – which I will double check for my next session. I was going at an rpm of 79-80 but my heart rate would not go over 100 bpm. It was a steady low between 85-95 bpm. Very interesting.

For the weight workout part I did 2 sets of wall push ups, 2 sets of lunges, 2 sets of lat pullover, 2 sets of ham press with the ball. I then did one set of single leg standing lateral shoulder raise. A single set of body weight calf raise holding onto the bike – since my balance was poor. I did 2 sets of toe raises on each side – place foot forward a foot and hold for 60 seconds and then reps up to when it started to burn on each side. For abs I did 2 sets of ball crunch – I pumped up the ball so it was nice and firm and then I did 2 sets of ball bridge drop to strengthen my lower back.

At the end I took time to stretching sitting on a chair for ham, glut, side of neck, levator scap etc…

This session felt absolutely wonderful!!! I am so proud of myself for taking action and getting this done today.

After my training session I had a chiropractic adjustment which also rocked!!! I absolutely love getting these treatments to help my posture, right shoulder and my neck. I am so blessed.

Overnight I also decided on a FV Journal (Fruit & Vegetable Journal) for weight loss. This is the key – you can count calories, focus on water – everything that would stress a person out but this is not necessary. It’s the protective fruits and vegetables that will make the biggest difference in my life and so this is what I am going to focus on here in my blog. Filling my diet with these healthy choices and passing it on to others. I am very, very excited for the possibilities for 2015.

10:22pm Been feeling a bit tired the last couple days. Time for more vegetables. I sent my hubby out to the store cuz we are super low on veggies & fruit. I had 1 manadarin orange since I got home from work. I had 2 at the end of my day at work and my hubby brought sub sandwiches home for dinner that had lettuce, cucumber and tomato on them. I had 1/2 a sub. My afternoon veggie load has been low so hence the shopping trip. I will load up soon on the healthy stuff!!!


Day 6: December 19, 2014

I got all the Christmas Cards & Christmas Nativity Cookies out to the boys teachers & best friends. It’s fun to give. I started to get a sore throat again yesterday afternoon. I slept after work, ate a full red pepper and had chicken noodle soup. Working is definitely taking a lot of my energy. I am confident that my endurance will increase though over time and my organization with client files allowing things to flow better. As for exercise i have been walking to and from the elementary school and cleaning. I am preparing myself for January. My goals at work are: 8-10 client sessions/week. With the paperless charting system in place and weekly cold calling/warm market contacting. My goals at home are: Main floor organization daily with kitchen,  healthy meals and laundry maintenance. My goals for exercise are: Daily cardio training in my target heart rate zone and two exercise weight sessions/week for total body. I want to lose myself in the joy of exercising,  stretching and taking care of my physical body. I will continue to prioritize life as such: HF > Katrina > Hubby > Kids > Everything Else. Keeping in mind that basic needs and essential care is the key here – not selfishness. The big rocks go in first into my jar. This afternoon I will walk to pick up my boys. I will do my W stretch, ice my right shoulder and rest my body so any chance of a sore throat will vanish.

Day 4: December 17, 2014

Morning. I had a great sleep. I went to bed before 10pm so I am up now here at 6am. Yesterday was a busy day of delivering referral pads to doctor’s offices. My right shoulder and neck were in so much pain and I was able to have an awesome treatment from Dr. D to get straightened out. I did the W stretch and iced it a couple times afterward. So for today… it’s my youngest son’s 5th birthday. My goal is to make this day special for him. 2:50pm It has been a good day because I walked to the school twice and got the whole kitchen clean. My middle son also went on a playdate so this is fun for him and a rest for me. My schedule is full for tomorrow at work and this has really been on my mind because I need to better prepare for future work days. I have enough time in the morning to put everything on order but in future I will prepare a work day ahead to prevent/avoid this stress. I love my work and I love what the consistency and goal setting does for my life.

Day 2: December 15, 2014

Around 7am

Last night I thought about my priorities and I realized an adjustment was necessary. Here is what I decided. HF > Katrina > Hubby > Kids > Everything Else. So I woke up on time and conducted my spiritual study first thing. Now to take care of me – get warm and prepare a meal.


This morning I followed my priorities plan and it’s been absolutely amazing!!! After I walked my kids to school I connected with a friend and we went for a 6 km walk by the river. It was cold, very cold from the wind but having the sun out made it all worth it – and the beautifully decorated trees along the path adorn with ornaments. Very cool!!!

I went from that success to getting to work on my kitchen and preparing dinner all before 12:30pm. I have never done this as far as I can remember anyway. I feel so, so good inside. Like I am on the right path – yipee!!!